Deviant Art - Artist of the Month

Deviant Art - Artist of the Month is a project I started to showcase a few of the amazing artists of Deviant Art. Each month, I pick a random artist whose art I like or admire and feature them on my homepage. It's not been endorsed by DA, I'm not trying to advertise or anything, just sharing some great art. 

The process for choosing an artist of the month is simple; I go to the DA homepage and keep refreshing it until something catches my eye. Then I'll explore the artist's gallery and choose my favorite piece to use as the image on my homepage. If you click that image it's a link to the artist's DA page so you can explore it yourself. I don't play favorites, I won't choose someone because they asked me to, I don't even know these people. It's simply what catches my eye. 

Artist of the Month Archive:

July: Arborath
August: lucidviews
September: marianbasave

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